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Injection molding hopper dryer

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Injection molding hopper dryer is an auxiliary equipment for the production of injection molding machine. It is very economical and effective for drying plastic raw materials. It is simple for drying wet plastic raw materials in the process of packaging, transportation or recycling. The high efficiency and energy saving hopper dryer can directly replace the ordinary hopper. Compared with the ordinary hopper, it has advantages of more than 30% energy saving rate, beautiful appearance, low surface temperature, durability and higher drying efficiency.

Working principle:
The dryer can set the use temperature and over temperature alarm temperature freely, and the temperature control accuracy is controlled within ± 1 ℃;
The air is supplied by the fan through the hot air duct, in which there are high-efficiency and energy-saving heating elements, which heat the air and send it into the dryer;
The dryer body is made of stainless steel to reduce the material pollution caused by corrosion and increase the strength and service life of the dryer body. Both the inner and outer layers of the dryer are made of stainless steel, and nano thermal insulation material is filled in the middle to ensure that the internal heat is not lost, enhance the drying effect, reduce the power consumption and reduce the workshop temperature.

Use range

General Plastics: polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyester, polyurethane, etc

Engineering Plastics: nylon, PTFE, polyoxymethylene, polycarbonate, silicone, etc

Special plastics: thermosetting plastics, functional polymer plastics,

Plastic particles: PP recycled plastic, PE recycled plastic, PS polystyrene plastic, PVC is PVC plastic, ABS, PA nylon plastic


1. the whole machine is made of stainless steel, with higher hardness, effective corrosion resistance and anti-aging. It can avoid raw material pollution caused by rust and effectively increase service life.

2. European standard electrical components.

3.The dryer adopts PID intelligent temperature control meter to prevent temperature control error and material damage.

4.The specifications and installation dimensions of the energy-saving drying hopper are the same as those of the ordinary hopper, which can directly replace the original drying hopper.

5.the energy saving drying hopper adopts aviation grade aerogel felt, which is effective for thermal insulation and surface temperature below 40 C.

6.AJN energy saving drying hopper body and base can be opened to facilitate refueling and cleaning.

7.The whole machine is equipped with thermal insulation layer, and the finned heating tube is used to optimize the air inlet volume, saving 1 kwh of electricity (50kg, 100 ℃) every hour.

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