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Function of plastic crusher: it is mainly used to crush plastic waste, defective products, leftover materials and other plastic recycling equipment, Sometimes also known as plastic chopper or plastic random machine. The crusher can break the soft and hard plastic and film into millimeter particles by changing the blade, screen and adjusting the gap. In the plastic products industry, it plays an important role in the rapid recovery and utilization of plastic waste and defective products.

Product’s constructure

Product series list: 1p, 2p, 3P

Description of low speed silent edge grinder series models:

This series machines are specially designed for crushing and grinding hard and brittle materials and design.

High efficiency and low speed mute machine edge crusher series model description:

Use range

It is used in medicine, chemical industry, pesticide, food and grain industry to crush dry brittle materials.

Crusher composition: the machine is composed of three parts, the upper end of the machine is the feed port, the middle part is the rotor chamber bearing part, and the lower bin is the discharge port and screen.


      The machine adopts alloy steel blade with long service life and adopts three-layer separation design. It's easy to repair and clean. The machine body is made of thick steel plate. The machine frame is equipped with anechoic materials. The noise is very low. The cutter shaft seat has undergone strict balance test. The base of the machine is equipped with four wheels, which is easy to move. The blade in the rotor of the machine forms an "eight" shaped structure, with strong crushing capacity, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient operation and good stability. In addition, it is equipped with automatic feeding device to reduce labor intensity and improve labor efficiency.

Time saving:it can be recovered immediately within 30 seconds, without waiting for centralized crushing, and it is clean and clean;

Improve the quality:the nozzle material will suffer from oxidation and humidification (absorb water) after being taken out at high temperature, which will damage the physical properties. Recycling immediately within 30 seconds can reduce the strength of physical properties and reduce the damage of color and luster;

Save money:short time recovery, avoid pollution, bad rate caused by mixing, can reduce the waste and loss of plastic, labor, management, warehousing, purchasing funds;

Simple:easy to disassemble design, easy to change color and material, small and less space, suitable for small workshop beside the machine;

Wide application:suitable for crushing and recycling Pu, PVC, PC, ABC and other soft and hard materials;

Safety: medium speed motor, low noise, low energy consumption; motor with overload protection device, and power chain protection system, safe and reliable operation and cleaning.

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